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This cover is Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” is breathtaking. Listen to 2014 All About Music alumn Young Summer’s turn this 80s anthem into a ballad on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy below. You can also watch the clip here!

Young Summer (born Bobbie Allen), who released the EP Fever Dream last summer and has had music onVampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars as well, always wanted to record a cover but had no idea what would come of “Don’t You Want Me” when she laid it down in less four hours. “It’s such an 80’s anthem, but more than it being a perfect representation of music that I adore, the lyrics are what really solidified my attraction: This song manages to shroud sad, aggressive longing with its peppy tempo and I loved recording it,” she tells EW via email. “I remember I was in Nashville when my licensing company called me to tell me that Grey’s Anatomywanted to use the song. I couldn’t believe it! It just felt like everything fell into place exactly like it was supposed to.”


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