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2014 All About Music  alumn Lee Dewyze was feaured in a recent episode of cable TV’s music successful drama ever, The Walking Dead. The song “Blackbird Song” was played (in it’s entirety) as theme music for a developing character, Bob. You can view the clip here.

The flashback was soundtracked by “Blackbird Song,” by “American Idol” season nine winner Lee DeWyze.

The lyrics, “Pack your things, leave somehow” seemed to also speak to Sasha, who, unlike Bob and their other traveling companion Maggie (Lauren Cohan), does not want to travel to “Terminus,” where safety and community are promised (albeit by some kind of ominous looking signs). She’d prefer to find a high building, and stay there, safe from the walkers. It’s going to be a long road to Terminus.

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