Does All About Music charge anything for artists to participate?

Yes. This is how we keep the lights on and our event running successfully year after year.  Our performance rate is incredibly competitive and affordable, given the caliber of our delegates and the quality of the showcase environment.  Please contact us directly for more details.

Does All About Music provide hosted travel or hotel accommodations for participating artists?
Unfortunately, we do not cover performer travel expenses.  This is one of the main reasons we are able to offer such a low participation rate to our contributing talent.  But, we often secure local hotel accommodations at bulk/reduced cost and can either help you with those bookings or point you in the right direction of other, affordable options that will be close to all of the AAM action.

What makes All About Music different from all of the other film/TV music events I hear about?
A lot. We want you to do more than just show up and perform.  Our event is designed to allow you to not only present your art, but do so in a collaborative environment that fosters community, creativity and camaraderie with your fellow musicians and delegates. The proof is in the quality of music we have presented since 2001 and the top industry tastemakers who seek to attend year after year.  Please visit the “Supervisors” page of the AAM website to see firsthand what some of our film/TV alums think about the All About Music experience.

Is All About Music a conference?
Not in the traditional sense of the word, no.  There are no staid panels or forced mixer events and meet-and-greets.  This is a RETREAT.  Yes, we’ll put you to “work.”  Yes, there will be nightly showcases and live music.  Yes, lunches, meetings, dinners and drinks will be had.  But, we’ll be partying just as hard as we’re working, all with the iconic backdrop of Nashville behind us.

Will I have any free time?  Nashville is awesome!
Yes!  Every year we meet more and more attendees who have never been to Nashville and don’t know what they’re missing!  Expect honkey tonkin’, shopping excursions to Third Man Records and Grimey’s, an education at the Country Music Hall of Fame and some seriously hot chicken.  We’ll have some specific plans for you, but there will be ample time to explore.