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Jill Andrew’s cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was featured in the  season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. The song was used at the climax of the episode, adding to the typical heart-wrenching antics of the show.

From Click Music:

Grey’s Anatomy’s best days may be behind it – can we ever forgive them for what they’ve done to Meredith and Cristina? – but the show still has killer instincts when it comes to scoring their most dramatic or poignant scenes. Such was the case in tonight’s mid-season finale when they suspended reality for yet another ill-conceived wedding. And yes, in case you were wondering, all qualified surgeons once again left their posts en mass, leaving just the most erratic and whiny interns with the task of keeping people alive for 10 minutes.

It wasn’t until the wedding went awry that something exciting happened. While things fell apart, long-lost fathers flatlined and the cardboard cut-out interns fussed around about their love-lives, Jill Andrews’ cover of a Bonnie Tyler hit came drifting through the hazy drama and made it seem worthwhile. She’s taken the battering ram quality of Bonnie’s epic power ballad and stripped it bare with a simple, haunting piano arrangement, resting all the attention on her voice.


Jill’s cover is available to buyon iTunes in the US now.

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